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Services- SepAerator Systems

SepAeration Systems installation package 

The SepAeration system is a permanent solution and not a temporary fix!

The SepAerator  was designed to convert your septic tank system to an aerobic process.

Once you have converted to the SepAerator you will quickly see that the waste water is processed so much more effectively inside the septic tank you will neve want to use your septic system with out it again. With a system that will now process approximately 95% of the waste inside of the septic tank and eliminte the bio-mat (black septic sludge) by starving it, why would you ever consider going back to the rather primitive wastewater treatment conditions that originally caused or would cause you many problems before? With high quality and long lasting air pumps that only use approximately $5.00 a per month of electricity the cost of running the SepAerator is very minimal. The cost of running your system without it can be alot more expensive. The SepAerator will save you money and the enviroment!.  The package price for this system starts at .....................................$3500.00